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This interesting word game is all you need to have a fun day exercising your brain as well as expanding your vocabulary. This word search game is unlike your generic word puzzles because of its unique gameplay. Here, the objective is to guess 5 hidden words correctly but the catch is that whatever word you correctly guess will be the first guess of your next word.

How to Play:

This game might be complicated to understand on paper but it’s quite simple. All you have to do is start guessing the words on the screen by typing it in and pressing enter. If you guessed it right then the tiles will turn green. If it’s yellow, it’s the right word but should be shuffled to another tile. If it’s grey, it means the letter does not belong in the word.

Once you make the right guess within the 6 attempts, you can move on to the next grid to answer the second hidden word. But this time, you only have 5 attempts since the last word you guessed correctly will become your first guess.

Don’t worry, even this word will have colored tile clues so you can get an idea of what word to guess next.

This goes on till you reach the final hurdle for which, the previous correctly guessed words are already entered and now you only have 2 attempts to guess the final word.


What Happens If I Make The Right Guess Before Using All 6 Attempts?
If you make the right guess before using 6 chances then every blank row will be added as extra points to your final score.
How Many Points Do I Get For Every Unused Line?
You get 100 extra points for every line that is unused.

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