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This is for all those word-search gamers who like to spice things up once in a while. The game is filled with profanity and “lewd” terms so if you’re not one to tolerate these or find them offensive, you should stay away from Lewdle. That said, if you’re not opposed to the idea of naughty, rude, dirty and NSFW words in your puzzles, then this is a fun game to pass your time.

How to Play:

The instructions are simple on this one:

  • You have 6 attempts to guess the lewd word
  • Every attempt should be in the family of a lewd word or term.
  • The tiles will change colors to let you know if you’re on the right track:
  • Green- All perfect
  • Yellow- Correct letters but in the wrong space
  • Grey- All Wrong
  • Keep going till you successfully find the hidden lewd word or you run out of your 6 attempts.


Can Everyone Play This Game?
This game is meant for an 18+ audience only as it contains unprofessional, vulgar, and potentially obscene content that some might view as offensive.
What Is Considered Lewd Terms?
There are a lot of terms that Lewdle considers to be lewd. If you go through the tutorial, you will find the use of words like “titty,” “daddy,” and “dicks.” So, nothing is off-limits here!

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