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What sets apart Phrazle from other word-guessing games is that Phrazle is for literally guessing a phrase and not just a single word. The difficulty of this game comes from the fact that you have to guess a phrase that consists of several words but you only get 6 tries to do so. This game is a little more challenging as you need to be quite analytical and resourceful with your guessing attempts.

How to Play:

  • Kick off the game by taking a look at the pattern of the grid and trying to figure out what kind of words would fit where. Nake your first guess and click on ENTER.
  • Take a look at the hints that follow. For instance, green means correct, yellow means reshuffle, purple means the letter does not exist in the word you are trying to guess but it exists in other words across the phrase and grey means wrong.
  • Continue trying for 6 attempts till all tiles are green or you run out of chances.


When Can I Play Another Game Of Phrazle After I Lose The Game?
If you’ve lost the game by using up all your 6 attempts, you need to wait it out till the clock strikes 12:00 AM since the game refreshes every 24 hours.
What Does It Mean If A Tile Turns Purple In Color?
If your tile turns purple, it means that the letter you have entered does not exist in the specific word you are trying to guess. However, the same letter does exist in another word of the phrase.

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