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Octordle is another word game that keeps you on your toes when it comes to vocabulary skills. The objective of this game is to correctly guess either 5-letter words. Sounds easy? Here’s the catch, you have only 15 guesses to get the right answers. You do have the help of clues to help you with your guesses but you can only see the clues for one word in that time. Only after you guess the word can you get the clues for the next word and so on.

How to Play:

  • Take a wild guess for a 5-letter word and click on ENTER
  • Check what colors the letters turn into:
    • Green: Correct letter, correct spot.
    • Yellow: Correct letter, wrong spot.
    • Grey: Letter not in the word.
    Pay close attention to these colors as they can help you make your next guess.
  • Keep making your guesses till all the letters become green. Then you have your answer.
  • Work on the rest puzzle till you are able to guess all 8 words. Remember, you have only 15 times in total.


What Are The Different Game Modes?
There are 5 modes you can choose from:
  • Sequence mode
  • Rescue mode
  • Challenge mode
  • Easy mode
  • Casual mode
How Do I Score In This Game?
Emoji numbers and clocks are used to show how many times it took for you to get the right answer. For every game mode, the score objective is different. For example:
  • Sequence and Daily modes: Lower scores are better 
  • Rescue mode: Higher scores are better
What Do The Clocks Mean?
The Clock emojis in the game represent scores above 10 guesses since there are no emojis for the numbers from 11 onwards. The clock also signifies that you’re towards the end of your trials for the guesses and the pressure increases.

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