Tridle - Play online

This Tridle game is just another rendition of the Wordle game but with a twist. The twist is that you have to guess 3 words at once instead of 1 or 2 words. This game also uses 5 letter words that you have to guess with limited attempts. You only get 8 tries to guess the words on all three grids.

How to Play:

  • Enter the game and start guessing. Either use the on-screen keyboard to type in your answer or use your physical keyboard to type in the answer and press ENTER
  • Check to see if the answer is right or wrong:
  • If the tiles turn green, it means the answer is correct or the letter is in the right tile
  • If the tiles turn orange, it means the letters are correct but the placement is wrong so you have to relocate these letters.
  • If the tiles turn grey, it means the letters are not part of the word you are looking for.
  • Use these hints to help you find the final answers for all 3 grids.
  • Continue doing the same for 8 tries or till you find the answers.


How Can I Make The Right Guess In One Attempt?
You cannot aim to make the right guess with just one answer as there are numerous possibilities. Although not impossible, it is quite a challenge so you’re better off trying strategies like using words with lots of vowels or using the American spelling for words.
Can I Play Tridle Again After I Lose The Game?
Yes. You can play Tridle as many times as you want regardless of if you lose or win. You just have to wait the minimum wait period for the game to refresh on the page and you’re good to go.

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