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If you’ve ever wanted a musical version of the famous game Wordle, then you can stop your search. Heardle is the game born out of the popularity of guessing games and into the arms of music enthusiasts. Unlike your traditional guessing games.

Heardle tests your musical knowledge by playing a track of the hidden song and you have to guess what song it is with 6 attempts or less. For every mistake, a short clip is added to the track to help you make the right guess.

How to Play:

Get on the website and click on play to listen to the short audio clip.

Use the blank space to enter your guess and a list of different songs that matches your guess will appear. Click on the one that you think is the answer and submit.

If it’s wrong, you get a red cross mark and an additional short clip to the original audio, use this clue to determine what song it is.

You can carry on this way till you are able to guess the song correctly or run out of 6 tries.


What Are The Songs That I Might Find On Heardle?
There is a wide variety in Heardle’s playlist. However, they do prioritize the most recent, trendy and popular songs.
Is Heardle A Free-To-Play Game?
Yes, Heardle is totally free to play. All you need is to have a good connection to the internet and you can play this game anywhere you want.
Why Is It Showing Wrong But It’s The Right Song?
In such cases, make sure to enter the full title of the song and not just a word or two from the song.

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