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For this game, you need to have a keen set of eyes that can look at the silhouette of a country and guess which place it is. It’s another geographical game where you have to make wild guesses to determine what country the picture is showing till you make the right guess. It sounds easy but it’s much more complex than you think. The difficulty of the game comes from the darkened shape/outline of the country which makes it impossible to take a guess from the get-go.

How to Play:

Launch the Worldle website and you will see a picture with the shape of a country and a blank space where you can search or type in the name of the country you want to guess. After you make a guess, if it is incorrect, they will show you the distance and direction of the answer from the place that you have guessed. These are the hints to narrow down the correct answer to this puzzle.

Try your best to guess the mysterious country with as little use of guesses as possible. After you are successful in naming the country, the silhouette will turn green.


When Will New Wordle Games Be Available?
A new Worldle game is updated on the website at midnight every day.
How Can I Get Into The Bonus Round?
Guess the right answer and you can get into the first bonus round. After that, you can keep guessing the right answers to earn passage to the 2nd, 3rd and final bonus rounds.
Are The Data Provided By Wordle Accurate?
Worldle claims to update its data as often as it can to keep up with changing borders, capitals and map developments.

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