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For those who have a knack for geography or just like learning about the world and the different countries, this game will be so much fun! It’s like a guessing game but it has to do with countries and you will have to make a guess for the mysterious country by simply entering the name of the country and checking the clues to see if you’re anywhere near the answer.

How to Play:

  • You’ll find a globe and an empty text box on the screen. You have to enter the name of a country that you want to guess as the answer and press enter.
  • This will highlight the country in the globe and show also the distance and direction of your guess to the actual answer.
  • You can use these hints to further study which country to guess next.
  • Another tip is to look for color the darker the shade of the highlight, the closer you are to the correct country.
  • You will have an unlimited number of guesses so there’s no pressure to get the answer right away. However, the fewer guesses you make, the higher your score.


How Will I Know If I Am Close To The Answer?
Every time you make an attempt, the country’s silhouette is highlighted. The darker the color, the closer you are to the answer. Every time you make an attempt, they also show you the distance and direction of the country from the actual answer. So, you can use these hints to conjure up what you think the next right guess will be.
How Many Chances Do I Get To Make The Right Guess?
There are unlimited tries in this game for you to get to the right answer.

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