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Crosswordle brings you the best of both worlds by combining the classic game of Crossword with a modern twist of Wordle. What you have to do in this game is simply try and solve the puzzle by swapping letters around and making the right guesses. The catch is that you only have a limited number of tries (18 swaps) and you have to get the puzzle to make sense vertically, horizontally and all intersecting boxes.

How to Play:

As with any word game, the objective of Crosswordle is to fill the entire grid with the correct letters. When you enter the letters, it will turn different colors:

  • Green: Perfect match!
  • Yellow: Right letter, wrong position.
  • Grey: Wrong spot.

With the help of these color clues, you can decipher it for your next guess. Your goal is to use the clues and swap the letters around strategically.

Click on the letter you want to swap and it will turn blue, which means the tile is ready to be swapped.

Then simply hover your cursor on the tile where you want to move it and you’re done.

If the tile turns green, you have made the right choice. If not, you will have to do it again till all the tiles turn green. But remember, you only have 18 swaps available so be mindful of your next steps.


Are There Different Game Modes On Crosswordle?
You can play practice matches that let you play as many games as you like for practice purposes or the daily challenges on Crosswordle for which you only get one chance.
How Can I Get A High Score On Crosswordle?
You will be awarded stars based on your gameplay in both modes. The higher the number of swaps remaining after a game is over, the higher will be your star awards. Hence, if you use fewer swaps then you earn more stars.

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