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As the name suggests, Dordle is another game that has been inspired by the very popular word-guessing game Wordle. But what sets it apart from this classic game is that in Dordle, you have to guess two words at once instead of the standard one-word-at-a-time gameplay. You will have to guess two 5-letter words simultaneously for a win. Given the added difficulty of the game, you get 7 chances for the word guesses in Dordle instead of 6 as in Wordle.

How to Play:

Dordle is fairly a simple game to understand and play. Just follow these steps and you’re good to go:

  • Use your keyboard to use the on-screen keyboard to make your first guess. Clicking on enter will finalize your answer.
  • Check the color of the cubes to determine if you have made the correct guess:
  • Green- correct letter, correct space
  • Yellow- correct letter, wrong space
  • Grey- wrong letter, wrong space
  • Use these color cues to decipher what the right answer is.
  • Continue to do the same till you either run out of guesses or guess all the right answers.


What Are The Different Game Modes I Can Play On Dordle?
There is a daily Dordle game mode which you can play only once per day. Don’t worry if you have used this up, you can always play the free mode which lets you play unlimited rounds.
How Can I Ensure A Win In Dordle?
There is no perfect solution to help you answer the puzzle perfectly but some common tips are:
  • Try using vowels first
  • Study and avoid reusing the grey letters
  • Pay more attention to the words that have more green letters for an easier guess

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