Katla - Play online

This word-guessing game is specifically made for Indonesians as it contains words that are all related to Indonesia in one way or another. So definitely this game must be easier for someone from the region or at least has their roots planted somewhere in Indonesia.

However, it is not restricted to just Indonesians so you can definitely have a go at it. It works like any other word-guessing game- you just have 6 attempts to guess the correct word.

How to Play:

  • Enter the 5-letter word you want to guess as the correct answer by typing it into the grid.
  • Check to see if you got it right on your first try. If not, then the tiles will turn different colors- red means it is correct, the yellow color means you have to reshuffle the letter and grey means the letter is not used in this word.
  • You have 6 chances to try and guess the right word using these color clues.


When Is A New Katla Introduced?
A new Katla game is updated every day so you can check their website every 24 hours or at 12:00 AM for a new game.
How Many People Can Play Katla?
There are no limits to how many people can play the game, it is accessible to anyone who has access to the website.

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