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If you are a chef or a connoisseur of good food or you like to call yourself a foodie, this word-guessing game is perfect for you because it deals with words that have to do with food!

There’s nothing different to the gameplay of Foodle but the one thing that makes it interesting is that it caters to a niche audience who are probably tired of trying to guess the most generic words in the dictionary. The twist is that you only get 6 attempts to make the right choices of words.

How to Play:

Foodle is a simple game that can be played by both veterans and newcomers. All you have to do is start making guesses of food terms in the hopes that you get it right the first time around.

In case you’re wrong, don’t worry, the game will give you hints in the form of colors- yellow tiles mean you got the letter but not the position, green means everything is right, and grey means the letter does not exist in the word you are trying to guess.

Keep an eye out for these colors as they will serve an important purpose of guiding you to make the right guess for the next attempt. Keep going till you run out of attempts (6 total) or you are successful in guessing the right word.


What Happens If I Am Unable To Answer After My 6 Attempts?
Unfortunately, if you are unable to make the guesses within the 6 attempts, you lose your chance to win for the day.
How Can I Get Better At Playing Foodle?
Since Foodle is marketed towards chefs or food lovers, all the words to guess are about food or food-related. Hence, it will help if you know a few industry terms or increase your food vocabulary.

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