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Spellie is your resident easy-to-play word game for those lazy afternoons you just want to have a chill time playing word guessing games with your kids. This game is curated with the vocabulary of a second-grader so it should be pretty easy. It’s a fun and easy way to incorporate the importance of learning how to spell as well as widening the range of your kid’s vocabulary.

How to Play:

This game centers around the idea of The Word of The Day. Hence, your kids can have a field day trying to guess what the word of the day is by making several attempts at guessing the hidden word. However, they get only 6 attempts to get the right answer so you can teach them to think carefully before they make their next guess.

As with other word-guessing games, the tiles will turn different colors depending on whether you put the letters in the right spaces. You can continue attempting to uncover the correct word or until you run out of guesses.


How Can I Replay Spellie?
Spellie will refresh with a new game at 12:00 AM every day.
Can I Change The Difficulty Of This Game?
Yes, you can change the difficulty of this game from easy to medium to hard. Although all the words are designed to be for kids it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for adults.

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