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This word search game just got a little more complex and a lot more fun- now instead of having to guess just one word at a time, you have to guess 4 words at once! This is for those people who enjoy a good vocabulary challenge and the one single guess like the classic Wordle game just doesn’t cut it anymore. These quad-fields will have you using all your brain cells for the right answer. But be careful as you only have 9 tries to make the right guesses.

How to Play:

  • There are 4 fields for the game into which you have to enter your first guess.
  • Just type the 5-letter word on your keyboard and press enter or use the on-screen keyboard provided.
  • Wait for the boxes to change color:
  • The green means you have placed the right letter in the right place
  • The yellow means you have the right letter but in the wrong place
  • The grey color means the letter does not exist in the answer
  • Keep doing this until you have guessed all the words in the 4 quarters. Be careful and use your chances sparingly as you only get 9 attempts.


What Does The Keyboard Color Change Mean?
The colors on your onscreen keyboard will change as per the guesses you make. It is designed to help you with clues about the right answer.
What Does The Error Mean In Quordle?
Errors occur when you have typed in a word that the Quordle dictionary does not recognize or is not suitable for the game. It might also be because you have entered a word that is too short.
How Many Letters Should The Guesses Be?
Every guess should be a 5-letter word. For all 4 sections, you have to fill up the boxes with 5 letter words. If you want, you can also change this into 4-letter words or 6-letter words in the game settings.

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