Numberle - Play online

This game is not for the ones with a disdain for mathematics because Numberle is all about guessing math equations that too in 6 tries or less! For every tile, you get to choose what number and arithmetic signs you want to enter and then check if it’s correct. It is a fun way to exercise your brain and get those analytical skills some much-needed training.

How to Play:

Start by entering any kind of equation that you think is the right answer in the empty boxes.

  • Look out for colors to get clues:
  • Brown: Correct number/sign but wrong box
  • Green: All correct
  • Grey: All wrong
  • Keep trying to guess till you get the right answer or you run out of attempts.


What Are The Signs And Symbols That I Can Use In The Equation?
You are allowed to use signs like +, *, -, =, and /.
Can I Use All The Numbers?
Yes, you can use all numbers from 0-9
Are There Any Rules For The Equations?
Every guess needs to have an “=” sign as well as an integer on the right side of the “=” symbol.

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