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Sedecordle has just raised the bar for word-guessing games to another level. In this game, you won’t be guessing one or two or four words at once- you will have to guess 16 words simultaneously! All these words are 5 letter words and you only have 21 attempts to get it all right. Talk about pressure! This is the perfect game for anyone who is up for a mind-boggling vocabulary challenge.

How to Play:

  • Use your keyboard or the on-screen keyboard to enter your first guess into the empty cells and press enter.
  • Every letter is considered for two words at once. Hence the 16 words are guessed in pairs of two.
  • You can click on the numbers at the top to change the word pair you want to work on.
  • Remember, it has to be 5-letter words and should be recognized by their dictionary. If the word turns red, it means you have to retype the word.
  • Make use of the color clues for your next guess:
  • Yellow- right letter, wrong cell
  • Green- right letter, right cell
  • Grey- letter does not exist in the word
  • Try to guess all 16 words under 21 guesses.


How Many Game Modes Are There?
There are daily games as well as practice games for all 3 game modes- Sedecordle, Sedec-order, and Savior.
How To Change Word Pairs For My Guesses?
If you want to start guessing for another word pair, all you need to do is go to the top of the grid and click on the pair that you want to make the guesses for.

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