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Spelling Bee is everyone’s new favorite word game that lets you create words using a limited 7-letter group. It’s also adorably designed with the letters taking the shape of a honeycomb with a yellow letter in the middle. Here’s the catch- every word needs to be at least 4 letters long and it should include the center letter. The longer the words, the more points you earn. So how many words can you create with 7 letters?

How to Play:

  • Start the game by taking a guess of the first word that you can come up with using the 7 letters.
  • Don’t forget to use the letter in the center. Your word should be 4 letters or longer.
  • Every 4-letter word earns you 1 point. But if you create a word that is more than 4 letters long, you get a point for every extra letter. If you’re able to find a pangram, you get 7 additional points!
  • Create as many words as you can with these letters and see how many points you earn.
  • Throughout the game, you reach new levels depending on how many words you have created. The “genius” level is the final level and that means you’ve completed the Spelling Bee game for the day.


Can I Use The Letters More Than One Time?
Yes, you can use the letters more than 1 time.
What Qualifies As A Pangram?
When you use every single letter in the hive, it is considered a pangram and it earns you 7 extra points.
What Does “Invalid” Mean?
When a word you created is showing up as invalid, it means that Spelling Bee does not have that word in their dictionary.

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